Advanced Hockey Stats


joel quennville

Corsi – Corsi = shots on goal + missed shots + blocked shots.  The Corsi stat was created by Jim Corsi, a former NHL goalie and goalie coach for the Buffalo Sabres.  The backbone of Corsi is shots on goal relative to which players are on the ice.  Corsi measures the shot attempt differential for a team while a certain player is on the ice and includes shots on goal, missed shots and blocked shots, both for and against.  The point of Corsi is to look at more than just purely shots on goal, as both blocked shots and missed shots can create opportunities to score.

Example: If at the end of a game Jonathan Toews was on the ice for 20 total shots, including missed shots and blocked shots then his Corsi For (CF) is 20.  If during his time on the ice the opposition took 10 total shots, including missed and blocked then his Corsi Against (CA) is 10.  His total Corsi for the night would then be +10 (20 CF – 10 CA).

Fenwick – This stat is the same as Corsi but does not include blocked shots.

Corsi REL – Relative Corsi shows an individual players’ raw Corsi number relative to the rest of the team.  For example, in the 2013-14 season Jeremy Morin led the Blackhawks with a Corsi REL of +23.7 as his Corsi on the ice was +28.26 while the Hawks team Corsi when Morin was off the ice was 4.56 (28.26 – 4.56 = 23.7).

DGVT – Defensive Goals Versus Threshold.  This stat, expressed in goals, measures a player’s value at shot suppression.

ESSV% – Even strength save percentage.  This stat is favored over standard save percentage.



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