In defense of Mitch Trubisky

I miss the days of affectionately referring to Mitch Trubisky as Mr. Biscuit. When fans were still blindly hopeful for the future of their new quarterback in a new offense with new weapons to throw to. Those days were three short weeks ago.

These days all you hear in Chicago and nationally is hate on Biscuit, and it’s bullshit.

The guy has three games under his belt in his second new offense in two years with new players and new coaches. Oh yeah, and one of those new coaches is a first-year full-time play caller, and is a head coach for the first time in his career. So let’s take it easy folks, this wasn’t going to be the Greatest Show On Turf starting in September of 2018.

It’s not as if Biscuit has been bad either. No, he has not been good. Yes, it’s difficult to watch other quarterbacks drafted later than him have so much success.

There is this thing called sample size though, that everyone is forgetting about. During baseball season we love to preach sample size. But three weeks go by in the NFL and all of a sudden Mr. Biscuit is a bust. The fact is that there is very little to glean from three weeks of football, especially when Trubisky barely played in the preseason.

If I were to tell you that the Bears lead the league in plays per possession you wouldn’t believe me, because all you hear from the talking heads is that the Bears offense can’t move the ball. But it’s true, and it’s the definition of “moving the ball.” (edit: I lied, they’re actually fourth)

By DVOA at Football Outsiders the Bears rank as the 10th best offense in football. That’s good.

The problem is obviously in the red zone, and the Bears aren’t the only team dealing with this issue. Let me remind you again that the Bears have played a total of three games with a second year inexperienced quarterback, a brand new head coach, and brand new receivers. The offense is going to take some time before it’s humming like a well-oiled machine.

The problem is that we all expected to be wowed by this new offense from the start.

If we adjust our expectations back to reality, we see a quarterback that has completed 69-percent of his passes and had a couple of unfortunate tipped balls turn into interceptions. While you can argue a large amount of his passes have been short or horizontal, that’s fine. He’s completing them and the offense is moving the ball. His deep ball has been precise at times and the fact that he has shown that skill, to go along with his scrambling ability tells me that the future is still bright for Biscuit.

Right now it’s all between the ears for Trubisky. He has the physical tools. He has the arm, and the legs to succeed in the NFL.

Is it crazy that this second year QB with his second head coach and 13 college starts under his belt is still adjusting? Hell no, it isn’t crazy at all. This should have been expected.

Of course I expect more from Biscuit, and this offense. But we have to be patient, as painful as that is.

I’m expecting the narrative to shift this weekend. Of course I am, I’m a Bears homer. But I think that we will start to get excited again about Mitch Trubisky after this Sunday.

I’ll be trying to profit on them as well, but I’d like to wait until the last minute because I expect public money to come in late on the Bucs. Currently 51% of the tickets are on the Bears, but 82% of the cash is also on the Bears. That means the sharps in Vegas placing the large wagers are loving the Bears minus the number. If I can get that number under 3-points, that’s where my money will be. (For more sports betting action head over to

The Bucs are allowing opposing QB’s to throw for 7.88 yards per pass, which is 29th in the NFL. They’re also giving up a ridiculous 6.6 yards per play to opposing offenses, also 29th in the NFL. The Bears passing attack should have success this Sunday.

However, whether the Bears offense goes off or gets shut down once again, it still doesn’t change a thing. No matter what happens on Sunday it’s still just four football games. We’re going to be watching Mitch and Matt for the next four years, and hopefully longer. So let’s just settle in, enjoy the football, and not rush to judgement.


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