A history of the Joakim Noah and LeBron James feud

lebron james joakim noah

The fun never ends when it comes to Joakim Noah.  The Bulls dynamic center has always played with an extra edge against LeBron James-led teams, and this season will be no different as Noah continued to stir the pot in a quote to K.C. Johnson:

The beef between Noah and LeBron James has been ongoing over the past five years, with the first incident taking place in December of 2009 when Noah took exception to James dancing before a free throw attempt.  Noah is seen giving some words to LeBron before the first free throw, after which LeBron takes it upon himself to walk over to the Bulls bench:

After the game Noah was quoted as saying:

“When you’re losing the way you’re losing, guys just rubbing it in your face and dancing like that — I have a lot of respect for LeBron; its just a frustrating situation.”

A few years later the Bulls and Heat met up in the playoffs and again, James and Noah get into an altercation that resulted in a double technical:

As James joins the Cavaliers for his second campaign in Cleveland, the rivalry with Noah should only intensify.  The Bulls and Cavs will both be among the favorites in the East when all is said and done this offseason and will face each other four times throughout the regular season.

Until then, Bulls fans can simply enjoy this video:


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  1. It’s funny out of all the teammates Joakim noah is the only player hating on Cleveland! Jealous ass punk stop crying cause you ain’t got no place to talk down like you gotta Ring


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