Bulls reportedly make significant trade offer for Kevin Love

kevin love

When the news surfaced that the Bulls were re-engaging with Minnesota on a possible Kevin Love trade, the entire City of Chicago called B.S.  The only purpose this sort of rumor served was to drive up the price from Cleveland and so it was assumed that the leak came from Minnesota’s camp without any legitimacy.

The rumor may still have no legitimacy, but it’s starting to grow legs as it’s being reported that the Bulls made a significant offer to the T-Wolves on Wednesday morning:

By not including Jimmy Butler in this supposed offer, the Bulls can retain their two-guard while flipping young, unproven assets for a legitimate star in Love.  The idea of a deep and versatile Bulls team was exciting to imagine, as Tom Thibodeau could mix and match as a mad scientist throughout the season.  However, if the Bulls have the opportunity to land Kevin Love for a bench player in Taj Gibson, in addition to two rookies – they make that move ten times out of ten.

Whether or not the Timberwolves are actually interested in this offer is another story entirely.  For starters, Doug McDermott is not eligible to be traded for the first 30 days after signing his rookie deal so the deal would not be completed until late August at the earliest.  This gives Cleveland plenty of time to negotiate with Minnesota and come to an agreement on a package.

As has been the case with every superstar the Bulls pursue, fans should not get their hopes up that this deal is ever completed.  In the end, Minnesota is likely using the Bulls offer as leverage over Cleveland, which will only add more fuel to the fire of what should be an entertaining Bulls-Cavs rivalry.

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